Social Security Benefits

Social Security Disability, or SSD, is a type of benefit for people younger than sixty-five, who have become disabled and can no longer work. People can apply for SSD if they have worked enough to establish a sufficient amount of work credits. If they have not, they can apply for a separate program called Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Each of these programs pays health care expenses and monthly income benefits. A representative at our Houston office can file the application and we can usually see the applicant either the same day or the next, either in person or by phone.

Applying For Social Security Benefits With Our Houston Firm

When you have an experienced Social Security disability lawyer on your side, it can make the difference between winning and losing. Our firm’s founder, Victor Makris, is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law, of which disability law is a part. Fewer than 3% of Texas Attorneys have this distinction.

With a history spanning more than 3 decades of helping thousands of social security disability applicants get both SSD and SSI benefits, Makris Law Firm can help you get the benefits you deserve. Our attorneys know that the key to winning a social security benefits case is preparation, and a part of that preparation is getting the medical records and other evidence you need to win. Part of winning sometimes also involves social security appeals. If necessary, our disability lawyers will appeal cases all the way to Federal Court. We remain one of the few firms that will do that.

What We’ll Need For Your Social Security Benefits Case:

As a social security applicant, you will have to show that:

• Your disability interferes with your ability to work;
• There is medical evidence showing the disability;
• The disability is likely to last more than one year or is expected to result in death;
• You are no longer able to do the type of work you previously did and there is no other type of work that you can do full time, every day; forty hours per week.

Why Use A Disability Lawyer At Our Houston Office?

When it comes to your case, you are more likely to win with a disability lawyer than without one. Having to go up against the Government alone without a social security attorney is intimidating. We have also found that most people who represent themselves do not have much success and end up contacting our social security attorneys to appeal after they lose. Unfortunately, they end up having to wait longer than they would have if they had contacted a lawyer first.

Social Security can and does call their own expert witnesses and you can be asked questions by the judge who is allowed to cross examine you. Don’t face this alone without an attorney. The earlier our Houston-based disability lawyers can get involved, the better we can help you.

Disability Benefits Denied by ERS?

Many Texans who have become disabled while paying into the Texas Employee Retirement System as a state employee are being denied and need to appeal. You can be severely disabled and still be denied by the ERS. It is possible to file an ERS disability appeal while also pursuing Social Security Disability benefits. If you are covered under both Social Security and the Texas ERS it is possible to apply for both benefits under certain benefit netting rules.


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